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Vernissage Box Wine

  • Brands Inniskillin
  • Product Code: Premium
  • Reward Points: 300
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What does the consumer expect when he or she is looking for a branded online wine store on the web? Firstly, it is logical that he expects there to find and buy a luxury wine or other alcoholic product. And of course in all its diversity that can only be available on the market today! Aromatic, quality wine, real Scotch whiskey, vodka and Armenian cognac, calvados, Becherovka, Mexican tequila, rum, gin, liquors, vermouth, champagne... What does an alcoholic gourmet need else? Maybe a bar of a premium Belgian chocolate! All this - and not only - you'll find on the virtual shelves of our wine store.

You need classic silver tequila or a gift cognac in the original package? Choosing sparkling wines for the beautiful ladies or looking for a real scotch whiskey, aged in oak barrels? On the shelves of our wine store every gourmet can easily find a popular "budget" drink or rare and collectible item as well.

Just imagine how it is nice to relax in the evening in an armchair with a cigar and a glass of your favorite whiskey or rum, or sit with an old friend over a glass of warming brandy. Or gather a group of friends, cover the delicious table and make a variety of cocktails: mix whiskey with an apple juice, bourbon or rum with Coke, Campari with orange juice, Aperol with Prosecco, tequila with sprite, liquor Creme de Cassis with a sparkling wine and most importantly, do not spend a lot of time before this chasing stores and standing in queues after the work. Just go to our website or call us.

You can be sure in 100% quality and authenticity of drinks we offer. All the presented products are strictly controlled by the manufacturer. If it will be necessary our team will help you to choose the necessary alcoholic drinks. We will also be happy to deliver your purchase at any convenient time and place for you. Thanks for visiting our store, we wish you a pleasant shopping!

Product Details
Year of Issue 2003
Alcohol by Volume 5.5%–15.5%
Ingredients Grapes
Shipping Weight 3 kg
Warranty 3 months